Guerilla Art?

I love quirky ideas, the concept of “paying it forward” and using recycled materials.  A germ of an idea has been growing for a while to send out a little good karma into the area where I live.

Most of the journals I make are metric sizes where I fold and cut larger sheets of paper into smaller folios – as a result there is no wastage, occasionally though I do end up with odd sized sheets of paper on my bench.  I turn these into smaller books where I might practise different sewings.  One of my favourite notebooks is a Moleskine cahier notebook copy where the covers are old cardboard cereal boxes, and the demonstration books from my workshops soon grow in number.

I have now started packaging these books up with a little note explaining that they are gifts and include my business card. I was out and about in Busselton on Wednesday delivering my artist’s book for the Signature South West exhibition and left a few journals and notebooks around town.

On Thursday morning I had a phone call from a lady who had picked up one of the notebooks – she had a particularly trying morning and could not quite believe that it was a purely philanthropic gesture.  Her happiness and pleasure in such a small gesture and that she took the trouble to phone and thank me, has made my week and reinforced my will to carry on with this project.

If you are out and about in my little corner of the world – keep your eyes open – you may find your own little package.  It helps if you know my habits!!!!!!