Northcliffe – Tall Tree Country

Last weekend I travelled south to Northcliffe – DH and I combined a short camping trip, a visit to friends and a couple of book making workshops.  It’s been a while since we took our tent away so we were a little like camping “newbies”.  We stayed at Northcliffe’s newest accommodation “Sid’s Campground” which is a short drive from the town centre.  Instructions were to set up anywhere you like and there were plenty of places to choose from where you did not have to be on top of anyone else.  We chose “handbrake hill” and after pitching the tent and getting organised we realised we had left a few items at home. DH posted our lack of pillows on FB before we visited a friend for dinner and like magic, before bedtime, the pillow fairy had left pillows on our swags!  It obviously pays to make your first camping trip in a long while to a town where you have friends!  Both afternoons we sat with a cup of tea enjoying the sound of silence and the company of the many splendid fairy wrens at the camp ground.

There is everything you need at Sids Campground – we are in awe of Sid’s ingenuity and especially loved the shower – the top half of which is a ute canopy making for a light and airy yet private shower experience.  This shower has a guardian frog who greets you when you visit after dark – very special. Details of Sid’s Campground can be found here



On Saturday I taught a simple book structure with a hard cover and long stitch binding. We used canvas for  the spine covering and some yummy handmade papers for the front and back cover. I was spoilt with a shared lunch – lots of delicious home made goodies and some especially nice bread baked in Northcliffe – must try to get down there again soon and purchase some. There were some lovely smiles at the end of the day as everyone finished their journals. Saturday evening we were invited to a BBQ – lots of fresh salads and a cheese platter, some sparkling red wine and convivial company made it a lovely evening under the stars.

Artist Tony Windberg was kind enough to allow us to use his space at the Windmill Gallery in Northcliffe for the workshops.  Tony is a well known, multi award winning artist who resides in Northcliffe – you can find out more about Tony here

On Sunday morning we made a useful sized pamphlet sewn book, met some new people, enjoyed a coffee at the Hollowbutt Cafe and headed home with a resolve to give the tent  more frequent outings and put the forgotten items back into the “camping kit”.

2 thoughts on “Northcliffe – Tall Tree Country

  1. sounds like you had a great weekend. It pays to have a “camping check-list” for when you are packing. I’m sure you’ll remember the pillows next time. I will have to check out where Sids Campground is.

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