My coverall is coloured!


The coverall apron India Flint showed us how to make has been dyed with various eucalypts and the same liquid we used at the beginning of April. I did manage to stop myself from unwrapping too soon and have some good colour on the linen. My friend Carly Voigt called in to the gallery today and I roped her into modelling it. Carly is so much more photogenic than I am.

Turning left overs into memories

During India Flint’s workshop here India showed us how to turn an old shirt into a very clever coverall apron. The instructions are in her book Second Skin (which is such good reading). I used an old linen shirt – one of the sleeves has become a pocket – so handy for all the bits and pieces you need to hand in the studio. There was a wealth of bits of string, cotton, wool and bits of fabric left after the workshop that no one has claimed so I have been busy stitching them onto my apron. I decided that enough was enough when I ran out of the abandoned threads – you could go on stitching forever! I have just bundled it up and it is in the dye pot right now – I am going to try and be patient and leave it a while, but I may not be able to resist opening it in the next couple of days. This apron will serve as a memory of 3 wonderful days spent in the company of some really nice ladies.