Off to Melbourne

I am feeling very privileged to have successfully applied for a Country Arts Grant to go and participate in a workshop with Sandy Webster.  The workshop is in Melbourne and I am frantically making lists and trying to get organised to pack to fly out tomorrow.  Check out Sandy’s website at

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Wool loves eco dyes and generally leaves used in the dyeing process make some lovely prints.  This really cute up cycled pure wool cardigan has come up really nicely.  I have just finished stitching some love onto the front right hand side of the cardie – silk patches  stitched with silk thread. I think I may have to rush into town when the gallery closes and purchase some nicer buttons.  What do you think?

Upcycled  pure wool cardigan - eco dyed $50

Upcycled pure wool cardigan – eco dyed $50

This is the back of the cardigan - lovely resist marks from a spray of eucalypt  leaves
This is the back of the cardigan – lovely resist marks from a spray of eucalypt leaves


Workshop at South West Women’s Health and Information Centre

I am exhausted after a wonderful day of eco dyeing with a lovely group of ladies who attended South West Women’s Health and Information Centre.  We did simple resists on a silk scarf and had two dye pots bubbling away – one with peppermint leaves and one with persoonii longifolia (snotty gobble is it’s colloquial name!) bark.  The ladies got very inventive with elastic bands, gumnuts, leaves, and pebbles and as usual they were thrilled with the results. I am afraid that I forgot to take photos!

This afternoon the very special staff members at the Centre had a chance to get their hands on some silk and elastic bands and foliage – once again some very special results – nature is wonderful.

Dyeing days!

The past two days I have been cooking up a storm – I attended our Shire Australia Day award ceremony  and was lucky enough to walk away from the evening with some of the greenery used to decorate the hall.  I still had a bunch of E. ficifolia leaves so boiled them up to dye some silk scarves.  I’m exhausted but have some nice scarves and some samples to stitch into something further down the track.

eco dyed silk scarf

eco dyed silk scarf

little bundles of joy (hopefully)

little bundles of joy (hopefully)

today's depot

today’s depot

Enjoying a cool morning

How wonderful to wake this morning to relative cool and a welcome light shower to freshen things up.  After a record hot summer in Western Australia I think most people are looking forward to winter. I have to admit to being pleased with the sight of dark clouds coming in from the ocean this morning.

the view from the gallery this morning

the view from the gallery this morning